Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Punk Rock is an age I adore.  It is my age.  The age when lyrics were dangerous, jeans were skinny and tight, and bad behaviour was cool.   I personally loved the violence, the snarls, the tight tight clothes, the aggression.  I felt dangerous, of course being too young,  I was not included, but I felt it.  The Queen of  Punk was not Madonna, although she did it so well, but really the Gogo's, in any case the cup goes to the Sex Pistols.  
Yesterday, at The Met Ball, they celebrated the coming of age of the Punk Rocker, but all who tried too hard, looked a messy shambles of badly dressed people, except Madonna.  
Declasse of course, the ripped stockings, the pointy high heals, the tartan, the piercings. We Punks are old now or getting old, and people forget quickly. The point was to celebrate punk not to wear it, unless you were one.   Ana Wintour  opted for the safer option and was plunged in flowers wearing a Chanel dress, and  Kim Kardashian wore a daring number by Riccardo Tisci.  I will of course think twice about saying anything in case some very serious fashionistas have a go at me, and Kim is heavily pregnant.  Let's say it was brave and difficult choice to make in your third trimester.  I thought she looked better in PRADA the day before.  I like simplicity and flowers generally don't do it for me, not evan on Ana Wintour. Flowers tend to expand on the derriere, or make you look like a aging Aunt. I love both Chanel and Tisci, just that I go to the safer side of the wardrobe and like plain clothes. 
I actually like to look like a punk nun, a funeral gnome.
Kim had wonderful make up, and she glistened. It is the way to go when you have only a few weeks left in pregnancy. Clever to wear plain clothes if you wish to survive criticism.  She is entitled to wear what the hell she wants, she has a small baby growing inside after all. She is also the partner to the most important family in Hollywood. The Hiltons and the Jolie's all seem to have disappeared after she has worked the city.

I realise I was entirely up to date by choosing Pam Hogg to show her clothes in Hollywood. The mother superior of punk/show girl, who has dressed every star and Diva in Los Angeles. Last week for Brit Week, she reigned at my house in Devlin Place.. She is an original, and her clothes, after three decades,  still look bang up to date today.  I loved her ideas around my pool. They would have looked perfect at the Met last night.

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