Monday, 27 May 2013


What makes the news now, is lowest of the low, a man called Michael Adebolajo, who renounced Christianity for the Koran, and was seen with a bloody machete, having just killed a soldier.

Where was our Prime  Minister, he should have been standing shoulder to shoulder for England, with the families at their time of hideous grief?

It is a shameful,  a sick making tragedy. I am anti violence, and we in England have clear rules. Human compassion, understanding and tolerance. Did the soldier, Lee Rigby, get hacked to death because of his chosen profession?. Not his colour, his creed, but just because he wanted to make his country a safer place?.

 If Mr Cameron cannot stay to show his respect, making sure London is safe, then how can we rely on him? Perhaps he should take a very long holiday and not come back?. Whatever anyone says about Mrs Thatcher, she might not have done the right thing, but she would have done something. Did Michael, whilst walking through Woolwich, think he could hack somebody up, and the world would thank him for his actions? Did he think we would all become radical Muslims and buy copies of the Koran?.  He has done the peaceful side of his religion a big disservice.
Michael felt he had his reasons of course, he felt we should not have entered the Middle East, and from that point of view he has a point. He is however living in England, and receiving subsidies from England, enjoying our peace, if he didn't like it, there are other countries to move to. Violence is not the way forward. The soldier involved had no choice, he did not make the countries decisions.

Enoch Powell said this would happen and he lost his job, perhaps we will now see he was correct?. Her majesty must be very disappointed.
How dare we not be able to question Michael straight away. How much does it cost England to keep someone like this alive?  With all the money this is costing, Cameron still cannot go without his holiday?. It is outrageous. If it had been the other way round, there would be anarchy. The man in hospital is treated by our standards of conduct, therefore he is still alive, and being asked if he is ready to answer questions?. If it was a soldier who did this, there would be a public beheading, and screaming in the streets.  An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, he is lucky he is living on our welfare in London.  He is treated fairly but why does he deserve it?. From my point of view and enough is enough, and in this instance Mr Cameron should have been responsible and represented England at the funeral.

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