Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Yesterday I had a great time at the Italian Pavilion in the charming company of Pascal Vicedomini. My film The gun the cake and the butterfly have reached the ears of Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. I feel quite proud,  a year ago I had not evan thought of making a film. My film has been selected for the Ischia Film and Music Festival 14th-21st July and it was vocally supported by Christoph Waltz and Elsa Zylberstein.
I also had a peaceful morning by the sea in the unfashionable part of Cannes, not Nikki beach, not The Carlton but a small shabby restaurant which had beds on the beach. Much better than The Carlton and believe it or not, they were empty. I must be growing up that I like unfashionable.

I was given some wonderful tickets, for the supposed winner of the Palme D'or last night, however, sadly, if you enjoyed Only God forgives, then you have to be put into a mental institution immediately. It is sick, vulgar and aimless written by Nicholas Winding. The only attractive man in it, was in the shape of Ryan Gosling. Minute seconds of reprieve come from images of his mother, played by the brilliant Kristin Scott Thomas who reminded me of an ageing Essex girl, who had been on the game.  She looked authentic, and if only she had been allowed to live? I wanted her to kill everybody. 
Throngs of people still crowd the streets, there are police everywhere with whistles and batons. However, luckily the sun shines again. The film fitted in perfectly, with todays violence, mafia are on every corner. I wonder how my favourite Jane Campion sees the value of this film? 
For me it was worse than eating shepherds pie made out of lamb. Enough of negativity. I daresay young impressionable school boys will love it, and hopefully they will learn what not to do.  

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