Friday, 24 May 2013


Last night I was luck to be given incredible tickets and so I went to the opening of Nabraska. I arrived in time to see a fit and spectacular Arielle Dombasle walk the red carpet, she looks like a fairy from Midsummer Nights Dream. She was showing her film Opium after La belle et la bete by Jean Cocteau.
My heart was torn between the films.

Nabraska is a film about being old, falling apart and dreaming of winning a million dollars. In black and white it was a festival feast of the bitterness, the lunacy, the laughter of becoming elderly. A well made and touching film  with brilliant performances all round. Full to brims people stood to cheer.

At the same time Amfar was raising twenty million for the prevention of Aids, at the Hotel du cap. Supported by Kenneth Cole and Chopard and many famous faces and other brands  this is an incredible  charity.

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