Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A love affair was the jewel for me at The Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is different for everybody, that is what I like about it. Hectic, hot, cramped, noisy and busy. I have been going for at least thirty years and my love of film has been an evan longer addiction.
The glitz, the glamour, Eden Rock late at night, the bar at the top, the bar at the bottom, The Martinez where the true workers stay, the glamorous stars in villas hidden away. Then on top of that the buzz of the pr's that send you endless amounts of information about parties, the dresses, the colour of the lipstick, the stars, the stories, the good and the bad, the jewels, the cocktails, the hair and the boats. I have heard everything. I have been given week ends on boats that never moved, to move a boat round a corner is about 35,000 pounds so you think twice about where you stay.  I have stayed at the Carlton, The Martinez, Eden Roc, Hotel du Cap.  I used to spend 6 weeks in August at the Hotel du Cap until it made me into a spoilt brat..  I lived in the best house in St Tropez, but who cares?  For me the best thing I ever did  was to visit a lover late at night, at 1am, after he had walked the red carpet, and to make love with him until the small hours. Those stolen moments made my life much more interesting.
Never the party.
To make love to a man who had cameras flashing all evening, was incredible.
Now I have a film to sell I am trying a new way to see this incredible business. A working way.  The sweaty workers, the agents "hot to trot", tired from seeing films at 8am until past midnight.
To open and close the Cannes film festival can be exciting.
I  am so happy I  can at last close my ears to the woman talking  shopping, the all night dancing, the shmoozing and the hope of a five minute conversation with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Sitting talking to middle aged men sipping the finest champagne, and chatting up long legged blondes is thank goodness behind me. I like something with depth and finesse, and men who can see their toes. If I can they can.
People long for invitations and the conversations go like this. "Friday I have the lunch with the BFI, followed by the Finch dinner, then Amfar, I am coming in on the jet at 4pm with Bruce, and afterwards we will have drink with Scorsese, and so on. So this year I am checking the other side of things. Forget the glamour, well just a little, I will still wear red lipstick and high heels, but this time I shall find out about the hard graft. No better way than on the job selling The gun the cake and the butterfly.
Of course I am wearing a little long number from Givenchy, chiffon sleeve, slinky body, a black dress from Dior, a Rick Owens short jacket, Shoes by YSL, and I shall wear my hair very very high. In between selling I shall remember the past, the gentle knocking at a door past midnight, and I shall relive the story all over again, as no one take away my memory.

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