Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why to do the British love Los Angeles? The fantasy place on the planet. A working capital with wonderful nature, views and interesting architecture. I understand it, it is land of fruit and nuts.
The first week I moved here I was walking down the street when a man places his hands on my back and asks me to be a Fashion Editor. I had wanted the job at 12. This job is special I can do it in England and with the use of the internet, communicate with Los Angeles over night. At 48 I thought I should accept immediately. I like to say yes when people ask me to do work, it is better than always saying no, and always leads to something else. I however hate trading with money. I like to do it with feeling. If I feel like it, I will do it.
I like houses here in Los Angeles, I get lost in their stories. First of all I bought a house underneath Sierra Alta Towers, convenient, but I always felt as if the Tower would come tumbling down on my head, so I moved to Eden Place, in Beverly Hills Post Office. Truly something magical. With beautiful views, newly done it was a paradise on earth. However I had forgotten that the pound can change against the dollar and so I found the tax for three months of idyllic living, heavy.  So with new ideas of trying out another life, I moved to Janet Leigh's old house in Summitridge Drive. It was a interesting journey into doing something up in Los Angeles. Luckily I asked Martyn Lawrence Bullard to lend his time, and together we made something very ordinary into a wonderful place to live.  I of course got itchy feet. I was trying to find myself in the hilly land of Hollywood. It took me a year and then I was off to find a convenient house, and now I am about to move from it, in Devlin Place, which once belonged to Penelope Cruz.  It was probably the easiest house to live in, but my sons are at an age that they like to walk the streets. They are English and so no I am off to try the flats off Melrose. I love spending life watching property markets, living in houses that I may or may never own. The journey here in Los Angeles has been a lucky happy bumpy one.  I have sometimes lost money, sometimes made money, and after four years have come out evenly.  Other than a few thefts, my maid running off with 2,000 dollars, Chrome Angels running off with 5,000 dollars instead of customising my car, I have made some incredible friends, made a film, worked as a fashion editor and done an art exhibition on the 7 Deadly Sins. I like to join in, I am no shrinking violet.
I like all aspects of this city, and this week I am giving a Fashion Show with the very creative Pam Hoggs, and Art Show with Duggie Fields, Yassi Mazandi, Kay Saatchi, Nigel Daly, and opera with my Son Charles Eliasch and Folk singer Lisa Zane, for Britweek and Genlux Magazine. At the same time I am editing my film at Anarchy Post, The gun the cake and the butterfly. They mix and edit many documentaries. My life feels full and there is never a dull moment.
Yesterday I went to the airport to pick up a friend. The love shown to friends, relatives. Short pretty girls waiting patiently with banners, welcoming boyfriends. People arriving home from long trips abroad. Lost children looking to be picked up. Students waiting for a girl friend. There was something touching. I realised that I have never been picked up at an airport. I have picked up three boyfriends. To go to an airport is like an hospital. A worthwhile effort for people you love and adore. As a young girl I used to enjoy watching people at Paddington Station, and now I could stay all day long at LAX.

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