Wednesday, 6 March 2013


The vortex of love and its madness  drives us. Thank goodness I no longer feel this stupidity. I can think of the consequences before my actions and have no regrets. I am so busy nowadays that I notice that boredom and leisure are the only things that bring sex.
Let us be realistic, it seems to me, that the only time we become truly special, to others is after we are dead. Nobody tells somebody how wonderful they are, until afterwards when the priest or person holding the funeral, who barely knows you,  talks about the love people had for this person. We are only human beings, small mammals, so we forget. 
All the clothes and possessions are meaningless, and mostly unusable to anybody else but ourselves. Nobody wants our old clothes. We are that unimportant.

Yet, the most wonderful thing in life is for me love.  The real feeling between two people. Sex binds us initially, or perhaps if we wait it will too.  Afterwards, if we allow love to grow, the passion you can have for another is totally incredible. I want that.

On another note,people give opinion freely, but opinion means nothing. It is just an opinion. Even if they are being politically correct, they might give you the wrong opinion.  Remember many people might like you, but there will be the same number who do not.  
Have you noticed that rich men are always three more business deals away from financial nirvana. What is so important at the time, is so unimportant.  
Have you also noticed that when you have an argument with somebody they like you to think that they are having a wonderful time.Having the best sex ever, and all because of your eradication?
They are thinner, more successful, cleverer, more liked. It is really very funny because we are so unimportant. 
At Oscar time in Hollywood, film stars are continually mentioned, parties too, but you can guarantee one thing, you are always at the wrong party. If this matters to you, there is always another one, a better one, for the more successful and the inner elite. If a normal person is best friends with a star, then the star must be going down hill.  You know though when someone' name drops' that they do not know enough film stars, because otherwise they have better things to do, and will be totally discreet. 
In any case I have no time at the moment, I am grading my film and that is true love...until I press reset.

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