Friday, 15 March 2013


Without a doubt London is a most exciting city in a world full of cultural poverty, it has dozens of parties each night, you can make yourself quite exhausted. Luckily last night I had invitations to the opening of the Gay Film Festival in London, where everybody turned out for the first film I Divine. This documentary was much better than I expected, much more touching.  
Afterwards I went to the Whitechapel Gallery for their party with Nadja Swarovski at its helm.   400,000 pounds was raised for education in the area. It was a groovy art crowd.  Dinos Chapman was there.  
I am getting physic. I was worried.  I waited out in the cold for a friend who had lost his telephone. What do we all do without  telephones now?. I personally freak out.  He calmly went home and telephoned me from there.  I thought he had been bashed up. In any case it was a fun night which ended up in the Colbert in Sloane Square for dinner. Nicholas Barker was there who has just opened his show in Rivington Street. One of my most favourite paintings in the world is his. A woman looking like Brigitte Bardot in a  fake Vermeer.

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