Tuesday, 12 March 2013


The government has gone mad. Where is the logic in taking away from the poor, disabled and old? They are compromised people. They are not lazy, they are ill and old. What the government seems to want, is for you to give up? If you have an extra room, and you are not able to get a lodger, as you will be taxed for that too. 
There are too many people here in London, and another quarter a million people due.  It is very  humanitarian to help another person, but then the reality of another quarter of million coming, life becomes tricky, for the indigenous. There is a food chain.  The government seem to think it is okay to take it from one lot of people, only to give it another. They are hardly Robin Hood. More the Sheriff of Nottingham. They are not using this money, for better hospitals, or better schools, or a reservoir to hold our water. They are using it to build a train to the North of England, and to help Syria in its hour of need? What about our own native people? The welfare system was set up as a safety net for society, and the wrong people are now penalised. It is was set up after the war because people were starving. Now it is used for things out of our control.
The unfortunate lazy are a problem too?. 
The education system is overburdened, and tell me the relevance of Henry V111 and James 1st Bible, in the Mile End Road, and Bow Road, at the moment?. These people are hardworking and it is not kind assume that there lives were not terrible before. However to end up in Bow Road, as it is today must be a hell of a reality check. Where are the cockneys, they have moved to Surrey?. They were so bombed in the Blitz in rubble but they eventually got themselves out. 
The existing  poor children cannot flourish in this economic disaster. The trouble is politics. Tell me how much it costs to elect a new Pope?  As for our existing children residing in England, they are in a no win situation.  They have a slim hope of scraping by. There is no point going to Eton, as you are vilified if you have had opportunity. If you can see a solution or you have had any education you are ridiculed.  You have got to be a grasping degraded nothing, to just get by. You have to de construct yourself  and be of the people.  You dare not put your head above water, it gets taken away. It sounds negative, but this is why I like to work and make films. I am worried for my children.  I am glad that people are having to cook again from scratch.  Tell me where this will all lead? It is going somewhere, but I am not sure I want to go too? 
You have to keep quiet and hide. How sad. England is a well worn sock with holes in its  toes, it needs mending, before it is cast off. It has done good service. It needs a holiday.
I am moving to Belgrade, where the men are tall, and hopefully they will make be forget the disaster that England has become.

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