Wednesday, 27 March 2013

BIRDS OR MONSANTO: "Money is useful", that is all it is Justine Glenton

I have written diaries all my life. I always love peoples diaries, they are the intimate hole to the soul.  Probably the nearest you get to truth, whatever truth is? I am going to New York to see my son sing in Carnegie Hall, on Easter Sunday at 2pm and nothing could be much better than this. I would also like to buy a football club for my other son. If only I had oodles of cashy cash to do that?.
I was so touched by my friends at the BFI supporting me for my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly. It is a wonderful organisation.  Many others did too, Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas who was a photographer on the film and the lovely Peter Medak, he totally loved it, a fan of course. My oldest friends came, Laura and Charlie Jeffreys, he accused me of loving myself, well actually I do, but more to the point, it is the only person I can be honest about. He and I used to have so much fun together. It was rather like a final examination, whether I pass or fail.  Because I knew nothing about making films  in the beginning, my three cameramen chose three different cameras. This decision now proves to be a pain. I used the Canon which is incredible, a little thing, but I needed to change the format from 25 fps to 24 fps. This has meant I am now speaking in slow motion. I did not recognise my voice, I seemed to have developed balls. I am also moving some scenes around. What works on the small screen can look totally wrong on the big screen. So interesting. What was galloping on the computer looked like sludge in Wellington boots on the big screen. I like fast things. I try to slow down but cannot. In any case everybody came up to me and said it was whimsical  and shocking at the same time. That is good. If I can shock people with my very lucky, touch wood life, then I can be an artist? Well I will have a good go at it. I like to write. It dragged in some places, so now I am back editing it in my head and then will have to mix it all over again. I am in love with the music of the film sung by Lisa Zane and Charles Eliasch.It really makes the film. Sadly in the theatre you could not hear it, the birds were singing but not the music. The world of cinema and making my first film is never dull. I just wanted to contribute to the world of cinema mostly inhabited by men.

Enough of me, there is so much happening in the world. I have been trying to understand the logic behind Monsanto.  This company is famous for producing insecticides and plastics. They passed the bill swiftly through government in the USA, whilst everybody was busy discussing gay marriages. The seeds for our food will be modified by this huge company. Will lettuce taste like lettuce again, will it kill us? What will it do to us? Is it bad or it good? I can see both sides of the story, but why was the government in the US sneaky about it? There is so much to worry about in this bad wide world we live in? I always like to know who gets money for these things. The costs of sending politicians around the world shocked me this week. Why don't they travel economy? Or even business but why private aeroplanes?. If they did not pass legislations that are so evil and controversial, they would feel safe, and be able to travel with hoi paloi. I was happy to see that the Chinese Government are encouraging their people to be less ostentatious.  So déclassé being interested in materialism. So yesterday and so over. "Money is useful" as my friend Justine Glenton says, in my film, that is all really, that is attractive.

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