Saturday, 2 March 2013


Home sweet home with flu and feeling totally drugged up with over the counter medicine. It is amazing what you can take that knocks you out. I am totally addicted to Sinex and Vicks Vapo Rub.  
After a whirlwind trip to Hollywood and being swept off my feet, I am now safely at home and down to earth.  I used to be able to travel to Beverly Hills, meet my lover and come back in the same day, now I feel dizzy with a four day excursion.  I was truly spoilt by my good friend Kay Saatchi, who must be one of the best hostesses on the planet.  She has a wonderful little house on her estate in the hills of Los Angeles. Fully equipped with everything you could possibly need. 
Last night I went to a new art show, Art 13 at Olympia. Lots of pieces caught my eye. It was refreshing to see so many talented artists that I did not know.  The street names of London were off the menu and replaced by different Galleries.  This was exciting. I am a little bored of the huge brands attached to art, and as I have said before, once they are backed by banks, a little of the magic goes up in smoke.  Anyway I fell in love with a gun and a butterfly, and some light pieces at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art. Of course Pearl Lam had some incredible pieces too, a tunnel of paper with a long line of people waiting to see it.
I am meant to be jumping a train to Paris tomorrow depending on how well I am to see some fashion shows.  Lanvin looks incredible, but what on earth has happened to Balmain? Should I tell the truth or remain silent? As for my beloved Balenciega? Well time will tell all. I am in love though with my Alexander Wang Glasses that I live in.

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