Sunday, 10 February 2013

WHAT I FEEL ABOUT ACCOLADES and the year of the snake

I love the BAFTA's, the milk monitor badge, the Oscars, everything with an accolade. What's wrong with being told that you have been successful? I want to say well done. What is the problem with praise? Why do we have to be equal?
Other people should not be compromised by other's successes. My arms are long enough to accept others being brilliant. What is wrong with getting your finger out? Not everybody can be stunningly beautiful but everybody can be something. We are unique beings. Only I can be me. How can anyone know us completely? I still do not know who I am and I still want to achieve a lot..
When I was little I got a Merit badge for collecting balls on a tennis court. The headmistress was thrilled.  
So nowadays I am going to be the most adored being I know, by myself.
I am a prime example of putting a smile on anything. Paint one on if you can. Hitler hated red lipstick, because of this, red became the most important thing to have. It suggests being bright red and ready for action.
Hard work is the new hard work. Who cares about failure?.  Just do it, and if you get a pat on the back you will be a little happier, than sitting in front of television feeling sorry for yourself.
Tonight I shall enjoy myself watching The Bafta's, who will win, who looks wonderful, what makes a star? It is fascinating. I wish every nominee huge success.
On another note I feel tricky about being criticised for vanity projects.  I would do nothing that was not a vanity project. Everything is a vanity project until the money comes through. If people cannot see my vision than they should open their eyes. I can see theirs but I prefer mine.

Musicians do not need to be saxophone players they can be a pianists too.

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