Friday, 15 February 2013


There is so much talent in the world, and I am happily bombarded with it.  Last week I sat having dinner with the newish brilliant designer, David Koma and his delightful wife, I adore his ideas. This week I had dinner with Shaun Leane, the talented and exciting jewellery designer, who has his own range, as well as a stunning collection with Aspreys which is connected to the Woodland Trust. As you buy you save trees. Charming and delightful he is good company.
This week I fell in love with Mat Collishaw's burning roses and his new huge canvasses in Blain Southern. Drug habits and  some slightly S&M moments.  I am in love with red roses,  of all days, this is romantically appropriate. 
Through the post I receive an invitation to Daphne Guinness's opening which I will sadly miss next week.
 Most interestingly I was excited to see that the lovely  Betony Vernon has written an intelligent book on sexual well being called Boudoir Bible. Beautifully presented. Inhibitions will disappear, as you read it, and you can listen to her dulcet tones on You Tube. Alluring. Porn she says is a bad teacher.  Men she says have major issues  regarding size and impotence. She thinks that we are in danger of entering the Middle Ages. Serious damage is done by the Porn industry.  We have connected sex with profit. When you have pleasure with your partner, you have a smile on your face.  If you make more love you are much more open. It is a wonderfully positive book. Abstinence is ignorance. It is fundamental to know your body map. It does not destroy the mystery on the contrary. By having a map you know where to go.  You can own your own pleasure and be your own guide. Through sexual experience you can attain meditation. Full body stimulation awakes all.  Hollywood paints pretty pictures, but to discover new boundaries is interesting.  By playing at length, the endorphins awake. Elaborate the sexual experience. You can get sexually high. Sex and trust go hand and hand. Do not trust a stranger. To use a blindfold and trust is incredible. The use of feathers, pleasure ring, horse tail whip, blindfolds, to learn to use these with love,  is incredible. She wants to remove all your taboos, by taking away fear and ignorance. She wants to bring back the sacred and fun in sex. Read it and see.
Lastly I go and sing for my film in a recording studio in North London. I am trying to remember when I was last as happy as this?. Emma Kirkby singing Nulla in Mundo pax sincera, by Vivaldi is one of the greatest pleasures, as I tried to emanate her.  I don't care if I succeeded because doing is the thing.  Singing gives a pleasure that equals and orgasm. May be it is one too?.
This sounds good to me.

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