Monday, 4 February 2013


It is funny how life changes in an instance, you try to grab hold of it and stop it, but it slips through your fingers.  From having the best time ever in Moscow, I  feel I am being  punished for having enjoyed myself.  I have to remind myself that happiness is only moments, seconds.  I love to live in a whirlwind of travel, going here, there, everywhere. To escape the pain that the pleasure brings.
There is an ambulance, a car and a fire engine in my street. One minute somebody is  happy and one minute, drama. It is how you deal with drama that gets your through. The quicker you heal the better.
My telephone gets taken, my credit card gets left in a restaurant, somebody decides to send me flowers unexpectedly. As a friend gets mugged; and another person says they have been in love with me for twenty years. Sadly I have no feelings in this direction. The saying goes  "No good turn goes unpunished" holds firm. 

This month I am finishing my film, so exhilarating.  The music is being composed and the sound cleaned.  It is as if the project  is going to hospital to be perfected.   The editor Leo Baron has been supportive. I have learnt it is important to really have people that care about you. It cannot be all about money. 

Charlie has just had some photographs of him taken by the charismatic  Rose Hartman for his 21st birthday. He will be performing at Carnegie Hall on the 31st March 2013.  Rose has made him look very dashing.  As the photographer of the book, Women of Style, I would expect nothing less.  It feels two minutes ago that I was wheeling him around in a pram. 

On another note..
In case we should forget it was twelve years ago, another snake year, that my life felt this wobbly.  The snake brings many good things but it also brought the twin towers tumbling down.  As it is the water snake this year, my advice would be to make sure you have a rubber duck when you swim, and definitely a rubber ring.
Take the rough with the smooth.

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