Wednesday, 23 January 2013


My bed is blissful, can anyone understand that being on my own is delicious?. Sometimes I like to hide under my sheet and disappear from the world. Two hours pass in double quick time. There is a job on, I have to finish my film.
Last week I was so ill that I ended up at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and calling 999. This is not a natural thing for me to do. However I was asked about my pain out of ten and I said fifteen. So the ambulance men made me walk down the stair case although it was hell, walk in the snow and by the time I arrived the pain relief  was working.  They did not bother to sit me down properly or cover me with a blanket.  They did come and see me. Incidentally neither did my doctor come. The standard of cleanliness in the hospital was below zero. No wonder there are bugs. Everybody looked unwashed and dirty. The nurses and doctors looked as unhealthy as the patients coming in. Tired, dishevelled, miserable and alien.  What is wrong with proper uniforms?.  Where is an old battle ax of a matron? I am not old fashioned but what is the problem with a nurse in a dress, instead of slobbing around in overalls for the operating room.  It looked terrible.  What is the problem with having your hair tied back neatly and some make up properly applied to look healthy and attractive?.  What is the problem with cleaning the common parts. How expensive is this? It looked filthy?  They then put me in a freezing waiting room equally grubby and told me to wait.  I left. The minute I saw the state of the room, I felt better, and although washed out I could not wait to slip under my clean linen sheets.  I slept for two days.

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