Monday, 14 January 2013


Saturday was particularly glamorous at the BAFTA Tea Party, but unlike last year I was not mistaken for Marilyn Monroe, however wearing Armani got a lot of attention. This is weird for me as usually I wear anything but this designer, but Armani designed this fabulous jacket with a white collar which looked wonderful over Emilia Wickstead.  I was made by my new friend to stay for at least two hours longer than the ten minutes I usually stay for, and you know I had fun.   Like a child I was bribed that I could have a present if I was a good girl.  I was encouraged that we would meet new people. Indeed there were many famous nominees there. Of course there was more glamour in my house. George Blodwell came round with his ex wife and there was immediate flamboyance and panache. He wore a long coat and an Alexander Mcqueen T shirt I had given him as did my other friend.

The evening was spent at the incredible at the Art of Elysium Heaven Ball which was in a 2nd Street downtown tunnel designed by the designer for Tim Burton, an eye directed light in a stunning way through the room. Colleen Attwood was honoured for her brilliant costume design.  I had the pleasure of sitting next to Ashley Madekwe, who looked ravishing in a long gold dress and her husband, Iddo Goldbery who were totally charming. Art of Elysium is a wonderful charity that helps children who are terminally ill be creative.
Last night The Globes thrilled me. I was a little disappointed that my friend Alexandre Desplat did not win for composing  the music from Argos, but you cannot win all the time. I was left feeling touched by Jodie Foster and amazed by the creative way that Jeremy Irons dressed, who looked the best in the room. Lucy Liu best dressed woman in Caroline Herrera even though Joan Rivers does not agree. I just love that type of dress. Although I would prefer to look like Julieanne Moore.

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