Saturday, 8 December 2012


Yesterday I sat in a darkened room for the whole day editing my film based on my life. It was surreal. A therapist would have a field day, but I was in my element, I forgot who I was, and was ultra critical, telling the editor to remove all that was uninteresting.  The man was incredible, an artist. He never gave up on any ideas I had. He had also found old footage of Isabella Blow that my assistant had taken for a Tatler Magazine Shoot, years ago, with Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Thank goodness it existed. because as she slowly disappears from our lives, we are able to remember so me of her caustic wit and talent, through footage.  I have often credited her with changing me. I thought I had panache and loved wearing clothes by Commes des Garcons, but they did not always suit me.  She put me into copies of Marilyn Monroe's clothes,  and changed my life forever. Isabella is credited with changing many women's looks, finding dress designers, she had the eye and excited many talented people in London.  
My documentary/drama of England is alive.

Talking about Isabella, I was fortunate enough to listen to Daphne Guinness's new song. "No Nirvana for Cooldom". Turn off your TV..A true High Bohemian,  she is a rare flower.  I love her singing L'ho Perduta, from Marriage of Figaro, on of my favourite arias, that I also love to sing,  for Gareth Pugh.  Now with Ink black hair she has become an icon of the future, not afraid of pushing herself to extremes.  A gorgeous man lies beside her, blindfolded and smoking. How good it is to be Daphne.  This year she has already sold a collection of Isabella's clothes for vast sums of money to set up the Isabella Blow Foundation to help students in the future, and now she delivers another piece to the world.

I am off to watch Uncle Vanya, which I studied with Oleg Tabakov in New York. He was head of the Moscow Arts Theatre, and a well known actor and director.  He told me "When a woman becomes ugly, she becomes interesting" I think that sort of explains Isabella, belle laide and witty.

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