Monday, 3 December 2012

WHAT IS LOVE? Not iPhones, smilies and Uber but may be Hailo

I suddenly had a brain wave this morning and thought what is love? What is the meaning of love? I have always searched for it, never realising or being told what it was.  I was loved but could not feel it, ever. The name Amanda means "Born to be loved" it sounds like a demand. I of course I know it cannot be bought or traded, nothing can be coloured by the lavish usage of money. I always expected too much without giving enough.  When I gave, I was an accountant. I have suddenly had a lightening flash.  I hasten to say not because I have had a coup de foudre, but because I have met someone who has taxed my brain in a completely different way.  I watch what he says, and what he does for me. I notice that although it is not a youthful story, it is pure affection. He gives time and feelings without this.  I give back. It is a balance of the mind. This in turn is leading to love. He makes me calm. The only other person that made me feel this way was an affair, that came romantically into my life and out again, like a bat. I never again want a relationship where I add up all that I have done. I want to see the other persons good points and appreciate them, and the whole story.
I had the awakening flash whilst listening to The Messiah last night at the Cadogan Hall. Handel can make you ripe for passion. Ralph Allwood was conducting the Rodolfus Choir with the English Chamber Orchestra. I have a lot of sons I realise, and had to support Adam Urosevic who was singing.  I of course wanted to get up and sing too, I love the Messiah.  I shall have to join a choir.
Love is not an Iphone, and definitely not a text message, of course it is better than nothing, but don't be fooled by it. A smilie and heart don't do it for me. Have you noticed that people with Iphones are completely inefficient?. I personally cannot use them as I need to type a lot and they are incredibly difficult to use quickly. You receive messages in half a  hip hop language that you do not understand?. It looks good, who gives a damn. I want to have something useful. Also have you noticed that, people who own them do not reply to emails?  I suppose it is because they forget as they are so busy taking photographs. If I want to take photographs I will use a camera. I prefer the Blackberry but am disappointed there are so few apps. I tried Hailo this week the app for calling a cab and it is incredible. Instead of hanging on line to Dial a cab and being charged a fortune.I pressed a button and I was shown on a map, where the cabbie was on line.  It was brilliant. There were no hidden charges. At least I did not have to stand in the rain.
I also tried Uber which works in the same way. It is expensive, thirty pounds for a ride from Cheyne Walk to South Audley Street, a 15 minute drive, so I thought that was a bit expensive. It was a blacked out limousine, with a man who opened the door for you. So you pay more for politeness, I suppose. These two apps are the only thing I shall miss an Iphone for, and I am sure Blackberry will sort out the problem soon enough.

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