Wednesday, 5 December 2012

PUT ON A BLACK DRESS AND RED LIPSTICK AND GO. The Jonas Mekas show at the Serpentine and The bad sex in Literature Awards.

When Pablo Ganguli asks you out for the evening do not say "No" say "Yes". Get dressed look as glamorous as possible and enjoy yourself, as you never know where you will be going. Nowadays I like to say "Yes" in any case, "No" feels surly. 
I had retired to my boudoir not really keen to go to anything but he said"I am picking you up now, get ready, we are going to the "Bad sex in literature awards" given by The Literary Review. He then told be it was hosted by my good friend Sir Tim Rice, how could I dismiss such an event?.  Also the new exhibition of Jonas Mekas, an avant garde artist from Lithuania was opening. So I put on one of my 2000 black dresses, I applied my red lipstick and danced down the stairs.  Everything with Pablo is fun, even when it is not and anything with Sir Tim is fun too. He usually puts humour into a pot with all that he does. 

Jonas Mekas had been friends with everybody especially Yoko Ono. I am always happy to see my ex sister in law Julia Peyton Jones at the Serpentine Gallery. She feels like family, and once she was.  I loved the exhibition but it is not for an opening, you have to spend time to listen.  I like films with a beginning, a middle and an end, so they were surreal. But I shall go back and check it out.

I arrived in time with Sir Tim at the Bad Sex Literary Award, and listened to the great pieces of writing. Actually I think there should be a "Bad text award" as I receive so many lascivious messages that I should start one?. I shall speak to Pablo about the idea, Say your worst in ten words?
Anyway I liked the way they were read, I liked Tom Wolfe's passage and will run out to get a copy. The winner was the Canadian author Nancy Huston, The Queen of The Literary Reviews Bad Sex Prize.  Her novel Infared, is about a woman who takes photographs of her lovers whilst she is making passionate love to them.  Fabulous lines like "flesh, that archaic kingdom that brings forth terrors, nightmares, babies and bedazzlements" Won her this coveted prize. 
JK Rowling was thrown out before the shortlisting as her writing is too good? I never knew that Harry Potter had sex?  She has however written an adult book, so this is probably it? Also Fifty Shades of Grey was also dismissed?. Will Self would like to win the prize. Why not? 
The room was a trifle tired and grey, typical of most writer, but I could not help but enjoy myself, better than being out in the freezing cold.

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