Saturday, 29 December 2012


As we are on the doorstep of the Award ceremonies, I have been thinking back to the past winners which for me were  incredible. Let's not forget their brilliance.
After eight days of feeling like death I am now getting better. Throwing away the pills, realising a little pain is good, it reminds me that I am alive. I have watched so many films in the last few days, and can happily say that the best cameraman on the planet for me was Douglas Slocombe. I watched The Servant with Dirk Borgarde,  last night and adored it as much as The L Shaped room which he also shot.  A different director but so stunningly dark and moody. I love his ideas and wish I was able to make a film with him.  Perhaps I can wake him up he is 99 and still alive?.The Servant which was totally moving  won a BAFTA for Slocombe's work and loads of other prizes as it should. Harald Pinter won for his writing. Incidentally The Servant cost 135,000 pounds in 1963.
I adored watching Mr Skeffington.  Betty Davies is totally brilliant as the vain and shallow Mrs Skeffington. Adored by so many men but ultimately sad with her hair pinned on, fake skin and lashes. Reminds me to be natural, I do not want to be like her  and stink having sprinkled so much scent on that a doctor could not stand it. An incredible performance and a good reminder, she was nominated for an Oscar for it, perhaps she should have won?. Of course so many talented people out there have not.
I have gobbled up All about Eve, Camille with Greta Garbo, The Dead with Angelica Huston, Marta Hari and now in the middle of watching Marie Antoinette, which I totally hated and now love.  There is so much that is likeable about Sophia Coppola's portrayal. Totally admirable.
Now I shall fall asleep to the sound of music from it. Alive and feisty, I never thought I would succumb, it is actually vital and I am a fan.

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