Friday, 28 December 2012


I am high as a kite on medication from the removal of a gallbladder.  It doesn't exactly hurt, but feels weird  not having it.  I was so used to the pain from the stones it contained that I lived with buscapan for the last 5 years. It was a dull pain that used to sharpen me up.  With its removal I have lived in a haze of medication, sweet talking, and Christmas pudding. The first time I have been in England at this time of year for twenty one years  My sons loved it. I did not. I had the urge to escape to Heathrow with a workable passport and disappear. I feel ill that I can't go.  I also have had time to think about the meaning of life, what life means yet again, thoughts?.  The only things that means something to me are my sons and music.  The rest leave me in a sweaty turmoil. Does love between a man and a woman actually exist? Or do people just use each other, propping each other up.. Love exists between children and parents that is for sure, I could do anything for them. I never felt the love of a parent, but I can easily feel love for a child.  Funny way of seeing things.
The purpose of life? The social interactions, the fight between good and evil.  I like newspapers however I always feed them nearly truth, because what is the truth?. The devil I now know is the writer who names things. Have I kissed a man?, no I have not, n'or do I intend to.  Men have a way of upsetting me.
I hate liars more than thieves after all you can lock your things up. I am trusting.  Liars are dangerous.  The truth may be ugly but their lies uglier.

Anyway to move to chirpier things regarding fluff,,

Ten top beauty tips that I believe in over fifty that some others won't agree with, but are having.
1. Stay fit mentally and physically
2. Have a haircut and colour that suits your face.
3. Botox
4. A good facelift.
5. Stay the same weight. Do not change weight.
6. Sleep.
7. Yoga
8. Chanel white collars
9. Hang around youth.
10. Sing and dance.

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