Monday, 3 December 2012


Money is revolting, and at times disturbing. Okay the Earls Court area is not beautiful, blighted by traffic and noise. It holds however one of the last Art Deco exhibition centres, built in 1937  by an American architect called Howard Crane. There has been an hall for exhibitions, since Victorian Times. It seems a great pity that it is going to be pulled down.  It has a capacity of 19,000 people, one of the largest halls in Europe and brings enormous amounts of visitors each year to London. Hosting numerous awards, concerts and interesting cultural events. It used to host Crufts, the dog show.
In turn filling hotel rooms.

Did you know this? Soul and character are important in a city.  Terry Farrell Associates is in charge of the area.  A politician and Architect. 

They intend to pull down the centre and the surrounding council houses. A huge distress to all the owners in the area,  not for one year, but for twenty years to come. Anyone who lives close by,  is going to be living a nightmare. For the shops and restaurants who serve the exhibition centre, their livelihoods gone.
George Michael, Madonna, Duran Duran, sang there among so many others, it has incredible history. To get rid of an Art Deco Building seems to be a moral crime. It has an abandoned swimming pool underneath?. Why not refurbish the area instead? It was good enough for the Olympics, but not for London afterwards. Where are they intending to put the people who live in Council houses while it is being built?
The Freehold is owned by the Transport service of London and they are selling out because they are offered so much money.  Everything I have read is not good for the educationally sub normal. Capco are the lease holders, but there are offshore companies involved and nobody really understands whats going on. They own a lot of Covent Garden and have pushed out small traders in preference to more expensive brands. In turn they have lost the essence of London. Not everything that is new is interesting, n'or  is pulling down, beautiful historic buildings, that have served the British Public well.
This stinks of capitalism  at is worst.

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