Tuesday, 11 December 2012


I have often looked at Lichtenstein's cartoons and wondered why he portrays women this way, crying and waiting for men?. Why blonde women this way in particular?. My son Charles says to me all the time "Blondes have an unfair advantage over all other women, they have a halo" Well clearly Lichtenstein saw them as manipulative cry babies, who drove men wild with their tears, and who were easily hurt? Or was he just teasing us? I love them and of course would love one hanging up in my drawing room right now. Fake or real fake. He fascinates me.
He is interested in gum wrappers, cartoon strips, boys toys, wars, women and comedy.
Born in 1923, he rose to fame in the 1960's making us smile at his witty ideas. He was from a middle class jewish family his father was a real estate broker, his mother a mother. Anyway I love them and I think we all become cartoons of ourselves one way or another.
I used to love buying fake ones in Thailand with Kay Saatchi. They were so much fun.

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