Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Life is good.  Calm, merry and interesting. The more positive I feel the better it becomes. I learnt long ago from fairy tales and drama school, that it was the best way to be.
 I went to Annabels, the nightclub in Berkeley Square, to listen to Nicky Haslam sing my favourite 1940-s numbers.  Nick Rhodes, Gary Kemp, Cilla Black and Bob Geldof were sitting with me in the front row. Bob's girlfriend Jeanne Marine  looked pretty, dancing in time as they all clapped and stamped their feet. Nicky went from number to number.  What I like best about my wonderful friend, is that he wishes to get the most out of life. Whatever happens, he participates and squeezes every second out of it.  Totally fabulous. I laughed and sang, not wanting to leave. In fact I could have stayed until the sun popped up, leaving the tired moon to sleep. I can't wait to listen to his new Album, Total Control as I am singing in it right at the end, in fact all his friends are.


I was also surprised and elated to be taken  to see the latest Dreamworks film "The Rise of Guardians", directed by Peter Ramsey, by a friend from Soundology, the composer Nainita Desai. Despite it being yet another children's film. I was totally enthralled. A wonderful film for children, teaching them that positive thought and cheerfulness gets you everywhere. With the cast of Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher and Jude Law you cannot go wrong.   Light, happy and beautifully directed with incredible music. Beautiful to look at.  You get lost in the hurly burly of Jack Frost, Father Christmas, The Sandman, Easter Bunny and The adorable Tooth Fairy. If you are between 8-12 which I am, you will feel happy that these characters actually exist.  You are taken into caves, over window tops, fighting a greyhound and painting Easter eggs, collecting teeth etc. Well directed, with an exceptional score by the charismatic composer Alexandre Desplat. This man never stops working and his music suits this enchanting  story. Finally there is a huge bonus being able to listen to Renee Fleming, her beautiful voice singing "Still Dream" just added to the whole 3D digital experience.
Nicky Haslam clearly benefited from  happy childhood stories. It has carried him through his successful and interesting life, and a lesson to us all. Clearly he too was touched by the positive Tooth Fairy, I too did not want my dreams bashed.

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