Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I have always loved beauty, secretly.  When I was a child my grandmother used to nag me to death to brush my hair and not be a mess.  She always had immaculate nails, my mother's were chipped and ruined. My Grandmother, Squirrel, used to nag her to death, to no avail.  It traumatised me however. My Grandfather used to say, no use being just pretty, you had better be interesting. So I listened to them. Although Squirrel did not use cosmetic surgery, or watch her weight she did look after her skin, dressed beautifully and lived with immaculate red nails, the colour was called Persian Melon.
Last night High 50 gave a lecture with Josephine Fairley and Dr Sister "For and against the pros and cons of natural methods of skin and ageing, versus the knife, medicinal and injection care". Watched over by the supposedly very natural,  Mariella Fostrup.  If she did not use Botox, her brow was remarkably smooth for  a woman over 50, or perhaps it was clever makeup?. In any case she looked good. 
Her views on cosmetic surgery are outspoken and documented, but does she truly mean it? Most celebrities lie.  They lie, as the press  nag.  But as Madonna is quoted as saying "She doesn't mind cosmetic procedures, she minds talking about them"  So many famous people, men and women, enter the offices of Doctors, to my certain knowledge, I have seen them. They could help the cosmetic procedure industry, and other women, a great deal if they were honest. Other women try to follow celebrities, but given the lack of truth, they fail. If only there was truth?. Magazines, The fashion industry, put pressure on women, but come on, why not "up your game? Why not have fun? Why not squeeze a few extra years out of life? However  it is a must to go to people who are recommended, and who are top of their profession. It is not worth taking risks.
Despite putting up my hand I was not chosen to give my opinion. My opinion is valid. I went out with Dr Sebagh for about eleven years and lived all arguments.  He loved debates. He also loved his profession and would spend hours in a laboratory discussing how to make his perfect creams.  I remember him saying that if you had no money use Nivea, and a cream was only good if it smelt vile of fish.  This perhaps is not true now, but it was five years ago. He spent hours developing his very successful cheaper line of creams with Cindy Crawford, called "Meaningful Beauty". Many a week end in Paris was spent creating his own line which is now hugely successful too. He cured my skin.  I used to have lots of spots, and with clever ideas I no longer have to suffer this horrible problem.
It is not firstly about looking younger. To age healthily is work mixed with your character, this will show on your face by fifty..  You have to work at looking after yourself unless you have remarkable DNA. Otherwise you will look old by 45.  Grey hair starts as early as 25 in some cases, and we happily slap on colour not realising that this too is dangerous. 
My view is I wish to age gracefully, squeeze as much out of life as possible and feel confident, that in turn, brings me happiness.  Healthy eating a la Maya clinic works,  juicing, you should watch your weight all your life, as this too is the essence of health. I love Yoga and walking because that helps my brain. I easily get sad with bad weather, but with Justine Glenton, we walk merrily around Battersea Park in rain and storms and I feel amazing afterwards. "One step back to youth" I think, as I rush through the door.
To be overweight, eg fourteen pounds over your original weight, go on a diet. Preventative  medicine is better, but try not to put it on in the first place. With pregnancy, stress, life we easily get porky. Last night this important subject was not addressed. The right weight is essential and you will need to keep it.  Losing weight like putting it on, is bad for the skin. The menopause is tricky, so sort the problem before it happens and start eating more vegetables, this helps the radiance of your skin. I know I have experimented with them. Think differently at least you won't get the curse every month. What a relief.
As for surgery and botox, fillers and creams, I believe in them all. However I do not like fillers for my face. I am allergic to the products, so be careful. As for a face lift, my surgeon Dr Berard, actually improved my face with a neck lift, (half a face lift) I know he did, and since then my life has changed for the better.
 Doctors and experts shroud the whole subject with mystery. There is no mystery. Just look in the mirror, or with a girlfriend, who is honest?.  Creams only work on the surface, they cannot penetrate, but they improve the texture and under make up, look great. They are necessary. Make up too. I use Emma O'byrne. She is brilliant, but most people will not be able to afford an artist. You can sneak a makeover on the makeup counters in most department stores. Also No7 is brilliant and I often use their products. Older skin needs more make up but very carefully applied. Also good hair is important.  Use products that suit your hair and make it feel good. Have a blow dry occasionally, they are opening bars all over the place. This improves your mood.
If you have a double chin, and skin under it looking like a vagina and your neck looks sagging, I would rather have a scar round my ears than walk around like that. Be careful who your surgeon is, you must get on.  I like to use French surgeons, they love women. I like French Doctors. Dr Sister and  Dr Sebagh are total experts. Of course you have to be careful when having surgery about hospital bugs, they are a worry, but to me it is worth the risk.
The fact is that we no are all living singular lives and I personally need to feel alive, so I would rather get as much out of life as possible. I notice with children, they ignore me, but when I put on my red lipstick, become a character, they all want to be with me. It is the same with a job. I was walking along in Los Angeles and I was offered a job as a Fashion Editor at the age of 48, because I remembered my grandmothers words, to always make an effort.
I had a body lift last year by the great Dr Perlman. I can at the age of 52 wear smaller clothes, and although I do not look great in the nude, I never did. So I now have a waist and I have achieved an old Hollywood star look, which is fun. 
My advice is experiment with clothes, experiment with make up, experiment. Be brave and enjoy your life. Go for it, and don't let some politically correct green woman stop you from trying a little Botox. It might get you a cheeky grin in a lift. Life is not a rehearsal.  

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