Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Memory lane is a funny place to visit. Wonderful and sad in equal portions. I have spent the last three weeks filming and visiting many things that I did in the past.  My memory is good on unimportant things.  I had to be reminded who I had to stay at the Amanpuri at Christmas, or who I entertained for week ends at the Amanjena, things in my life had been taken for granted. I had to ask the housekeepers for details.

There was one scene at the Paris airport at the start of the trip, with Thai Airways when I arrived with seven suitcases. I thought I would only have to pay an extra three hundred pounds, not at all more like three thousand pounds. I thought I could not pack enough clothes into one suitcase, but Boris my saviour managed to change my brain and persuade me it was the right thing to do. With my lacy Agent Provocateur underwear in view of the ground staff from Thai Airways,  I repacked one case with all that was needed for the trip. It of course lacked imagination. Next time I will remember the trick. It was so much easier getting around. 

Luckily I have never had so much laughter with any man, in my life, as I did with my friend. He was incredible company and relaxed too. Looking back at Thailand I see Patong has become like Hollywood. They like the same things, hookers, celebrity, facials and Botox. I was surprised. 


I was slightly ashamed when I arrived in New York wearing my Rick Owens dearly loved mink coat. Normally I am anti fur but it is difficult to resist a coat from Rick. Beautifully cut and warm when all the heating was off at the Plaza Hotel.  Apologies all round to the anti's they are right. I bumped into my old friend Cornelia Guest at the restaurant in Bergdorf Goodman's yesterday, and immediately felt ashamed. However with no hot water and the freezing cold it served me well during this war zone in New York. 

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