Tuesday, 20 November 2012


In the pouring rain you can certainly have fun, it was splendid as my friends greedily consumed industrial amounts of cream cake and home made jam. Will I regret it?, no, I had not put on an ounce in several years. The dietician weighed me back to front and congratulated me.  What a happy day it was. I thought he was trying to make me feel better, but no I am still less than I was ten years ago. It was very good to see so much intelligence and glamour.  Elegance is something that is rare. These girls all had etiquette and are loyal.  One of my paid friends thought all my friends were paid for. I did not have the heart to tell him that he was one of the charity cases. 
It is so funny moving from Paris, you find tiny little presents that you had forgotten about, little hair pins, and tiny hearts, Moving from anywhere is a strange experience. You open up drawers that you firmly had closed. The tea today was just what I needed to feel alive in the rain. I also miss my friend Boris who has taught me so much. No fighting after 6pm, no fighting in the morning as it ruins the day, and none on Sundays, I miss his wisdom. Back soon though to do my music. Good thing is though I will be able to wrestle with Peter in the New Year.  

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