Sunday, 4 November 2012


Spent twenty hours flying from Phuket to New York for my son Charles's Graduation concert. Off course all was cancelled  due to hurricane Sandy, but never mind I am here and it is bright sunshine in New York.  The journey to New York was incredibly comfortable, although long on Cathay Pacific. Boy am I tired. Before I left the idyllic  Tresara hotel I did a truly fun shoot with a cake and a gun. I would like to be Lara Croft in another lifetime.  I think I would love to be a spy, it must come from my genes. My Father, Anthony Cave Brown was meant to be one, although I am not sure. He wrote and was obsessed by spies writing about them in books. My favourite one is a book called a Body Guard of Lies.  In any case I felt the part with my cake and a gun...With the New York Marathon cancelled,  there are loads of frustrated runners outside the Plaza. They should have kept on with it and done it in aid of the survivors and people who lost their houses...

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