Friday, 12 October 2012


Vidal Sassoon was incredible. There is no doubt about it. From the time he was born he was never put off  by adversity, and built up one of the most successful Hair Salons in the world.  From the mid 1960's he was at the forefront of his profession.  He was also socially aware and often helped people. He had a true love of Ronnie his wife, his sons, family and close friends. Today we celebrated his life in St Paul's Cathedral.  A cross religious affair with music suitable for both Protestants and Jews. A moving an exceptional experience. How things have changed since the turn of the century. 
I met Vidal several years ago, and adored his enthusiasm. He went swimming everyday and one story sums him up for me. He told me that he was lying in bed dying, when suddenly he thought about his life and how happy it made him, he smiled and at that point he sat up in bed and went home.
This was bravery.
He loved furniture, beautiful women, and creating a happy business.
Afterwards there was a huge lunch given in his honour at Hix's Restaurant where we sat and told stories. David Putnam, Zandra Rhodes, Jeremy Irons, Zaha Hadid and Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Michel and Ayako Comte were among the guests invited.



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