Thursday, 4 October 2012

TWO PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THE WORDS INSPIRATIONAL AND INTELLECTUAL Anita Zabludowicz and Boris Scala. I love talent and I love hard work.

Inspirational and intellectual are over used words. However, yesterday I was impressed, and so I shall use them. 
I went to the Zabludowicz's house in the smartest street on Hampstead Heath. The houses are so grand that you think you are almost, but not quite in the country.  There was a lunch to celebrate the artist Richard Sides. Other young artists, in this huge contemporary house,  were talking about the incredible opportunity they had been given by Anita Zabludowicz and her husband.  Without ego, these new artists sincerely said it was the number one gallery to show their work. With a relatively small amount of money they felt that they were able to turn their artwork into gold and create their dreams.  It was compelling listening to them. With only one week until Frieze it was great to have a private view.
Anita and her husband started in 1993, and now have opened a gallery and have a staff of ten.  She deserves praise. There is something special about the collection. She said today she loved every piece she had ever bought.  As I looked around the house there were hundreds of unusual pieces by artists that were unfamiliar to me.  It reminded me of the good old days of Boundary Road and the Saatchi collection.

The second incredible moment was when I came home I heard the music for my film. Music is the thing that opens my heart. Almost anybody who can play or compose have, I believe, magical gifts from God.  They are in direct line to any throne.  a tongue and cheek documentary/drama about my life, that I have directed. I cannot wait to see the edit and exchange ideas.

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