Saturday, 6 October 2012


Last night was spent watching my edit of my film Amo Amas Amanda which has been so much fun. Thinking about ideas on this surrealistic piece I did many years ago, and the play I did last year with Lyall Watson and John Alan Simon, As I like it.  I came across all the videos of old footage so much of it funny that I am using it too.  It is really interesting to do a patchwork of my life. Not so much because it is the best life but because everybody's life is interesting. 
I live part time in Los Angeles and so I have just done mine to learn the business of making films.  I also did it to direct my first film. I owe a lot to Roby Meola the second editor, to Frederick Anderson,Alex Webster, Jack English, Tomas Auksas, Liam Rabik, Hector Abaunza, and of course Justine Glenton, Charles Eliasch and Giulia Laudano the actors.   THANK YOU

I have used nearly everything I found. Amongst footage were images from Venice, Birthday wishes from Artists and my friend Belinda Carlisle. At the time they are not interesting but later they make me think how lucky I am.
The film is an art piece 75 minutes long including  .I am so happy with everybody's dedication and artistic abilities that I am sure it will be a success. It tells the life of me growing up in the country in Wiltshire and the excitement that I had to try everything.  

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