Thursday, 25 October 2012


Bangkok was busy hot and full of noise. I ended up in a groovy recording studio helping a hit go live about girlfriends, lipstick and bubblegum with pretty adorable Thai girls produced by Simon Henderson.  After a dinner with Rolph Von Buren and his wife at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok, who definitely have the most class on the planet, I felt in need of a little groove.  The river trip was busy too and nothing had changed.  
Yesterday I arrived in Chang Rai at the incredible Four Seasons Resort which you arrive by tail boat.  I felt truly and at last oriental. The bedroom is huge with views over the river that lies between Laos and Burma.  I fed bamboo shoots beautifully cut to some hungry elephants and had a delicious dinner in a tiny camping ground.  Today I went hunting for opium, but the days of Hill Tribes selling poppies seems to well in the past. Police are everywhere with check points. It is a cleaned up version looking like Elle Decoration. Everything matches and everything looks good. The Long Neck tribe looked too good. This tribe have perfect manners and are able to say, hello and good bye by the age of two years, with perfect makeup and hair.  I wanted to see the grandmothers breast feeding the babies, and the toddlers running around whilst they were high on the drug.  I have so many good memories of my previous trip that today was rather tame.  Anybody wanting to see the real thing has to go to Burma.

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