Tuesday, 2 October 2012


On this beautiful day, I am looking out to the River Thames and the light is glorious. I have less time for girlfriends nowadays, that always play the victim and think their  problems are greater than anybody else's?  I do not want to be thought of as a victim. I like the idea of bravery and valour and prefer people who take responsibility for their actions. There is something very unattractive about women who have everything, who think they have nothing, in their fifties.  They should think before they trample on your feelings and thoughts of others, perhaps they should remember what they have done?.  I no longer need a friend who ever so slightly bad mouths me, while I try and improve my life and improve the lives of others?.  In fact I love to help others. I have little patience for people that continually grab approval and attention but live off the 'poor me syndrome'.  You do not need 'things' to feel good about yourself.  I love a drama queen but it has to be an amusing one.  As we know, nobody is better than anyone else and time marches quickly on some people find it easier to find happiness and positivity than others. We are all trying to get through.  Happiness is easily found within us and you just have to choose to turn it on.    My son said that the reason I had luck as I always imagine it and I bring it to me.  I think it is the only way forward.  He said that I even wore the clothes because clothes I believe bring me luck too. I remove anything that seems to not want that for me.  Computers, walking in the park, smelling flowers, laughing. Anybody who makes me laugh can be forgiven.  Those people are delightful petals of the universe and should be nourished.    If we plant seeds for misery then we get it.  I remember these fine words from Raja Yoga. I had a brief session with Gizi and wonderful guru who said we should all watch where we plant our seeds and what we do with them.  

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