Saturday, 20 October 2012


Travelling leaves little time to write. I am however having fun as I am working.  There is nothing better. Marrakech had changed a lot. It is a huge rambling city now with too many people and the donkey is nearly a thing of the past, but thank goodness not quite. The day the animals are replaced by metal and fumes will be the end of the world.  I love the weaving streets of the medina. I love the djellaba hanging up for sale, the vegetables, the ornate shoes, beautifully painted leather, the butchers, the ancient faces. So many things in fact.  There is however a feeling that you are continually being robbed.  When I arrived back at the airport it took thirty minutes to do paperwork with Air Maroc, which would taken British Airways staff ten minutes. They feel that they are being deliberately inefficient when they are trying to be helpful. "Get over that and develop some patience" is a sentence I say to myself.  I went to look at "doors" yesterday, and I found some incredible entrances, and took some footage of some delightful hotels and Yves St Laurent's garden.
One hotel in particular was a stunning house in the Medina called La Sultana which was entirely romantic. Endless ravishingly sexy rooms with enticing decoration made for romantic liaisons.  Terraces, and a very pretty swimming pool and comfortable authentic hammam made me want to move from La Mamounia immediately. Although I loved the perfection of Jacques Garcia's decoration the rooms at the latter,  are not nearly as erotic as the Hotel Costes in Paris which I visited last night with my good friend Michel Klein. I have had so many good times there. 
Off to the rest of my journey for interesting footage for my film.

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