Thursday, 18 October 2012


I have arrived in Marrakech and started visiting all my old haunts. Memory lane is a funny place to tread. I felt very emotional when I went round the Amanjena yesterday. There was a man playing some type of flute, it echoed into my heart and reminded me of my past there.  It has been open for thirteen years and it was my peaceful paradise in times of strife.  No people were ever there and it gave me time to think.  It has tall pale dusky pink walls and has a roman feel to it. Very beautiful in an austere type of way.  There were men walking around with hoods and long beige uniforms.  I then went into the square which  has not changed since 400 BC. Cripples, beggars, watermen, orange sellers, wisdom tellers, are on every street corner, and sit telling stories in this famous beautiful square. Women with hidden faces seem more covered up than ever.
Jacques Garcia has done an incredible job with La Mamounia.  Beautiful, warm  and cozy on this dreary day in October.  Flashes of my previous lives are wonderfully hidden here. I had a delicious dinner last night in the attractive restaurant in the garden..
I am finishing the documentary side of my film so will tell you more later.

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