Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I was luckily taken to see Joe Wright's new film  "Anna Karenina" by Tolstoy, which was quite outstanding.  Of course I had seen the other film versions too, but this time the screen play is written by the brilliant Tom Stoppard. I am in love with the book, how could I not be? At the time it was considered to be flawless when it was written in instalments for the Russian Messenger. I feel female comradeship with her although I luckily live in another time.  I am in tune with the heroine. Anna is so wanting to be able to live her life, without society treating her like a whore and ostracising  her. and such a pity she was not brave enough to have lived.  Joe Wright's version is set in the theatre and it is beautiful, truly beautiful.  Kiera Knightley will be nominated for a BAFTA, surely?  Her portrayal was quite wonderful, concentrated, well thought out, and the mania and passion addictive. Her truly stunning appearance only added to the startling performance.  Joe Wright said last night that he like stylised pieces, like a ballet. He is bored of naturalism, and I do not blame him. I hate it too. He directed the film with unusual panache seriously he pulled it off. Of course as a Leo Rat nobody else could touch him for style and with the brilliant Sarah Greenwood he couldn't go wrong.

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