Sunday, 14 October 2012


Another night at the London Film Festival with the BFI, my favourite charity, for Jacques Audiard's brilliant new film called Rust and Bone. He previously directed The Beat My Heart Skipped and The Prophet. This time he said he wanted to direct a cutting-edge, gritty romance about love in adversity.  
Alexander Desplat's original music score had a new side, too. No sweeping scores but patched with a bang up-to-date sonic assault. Marion Cotillard was touchingly awkward and optimistic all at the same time. A difficult film undoubtedly, but it gives everybody hope.
I spent the day in central London which was so full of people that I wanted to hibernate. Actually I only like work. I went to Claridges for lunch and realised that the world is changing rapidly, but they did have huge sweet jars so everything became rosier. It was all slightly too twee and the menu too delicate for my rougher tastes. In any case I wanted to buy some riding clothes, so went to Harrods and found plenty of choice with style. I like wearing only dressage gear, it fits well and I hate the look of tweeds and the feel of scratchy fabric against my velvet skin.  

The jodpurs have even changed and now you can buy them with diamante along the waist and matching diamante halters for your horse. I looked quite dashing in jackets by KINGSLAND, a brand recommended by George Blodwell (and they sponsor my lovely friend Justin Resnick, a great horseman in Los Angeles). They give you fabulous syle on the back of the horse. I bought some zip-up Ariat boots, too (not in shot!). They look so funky, following the line of the calf instead of being straight, and immediately give you great legs.
I then moved swiftly on the show of Tim Noble and Sue Webster's on Walton Street, The Vinyl Factory, rowdy with never a dull moment.. Go get some work of theirs and educate yourselves. It hardly needs explaining but sort of goes with Jacques Audiard's work.

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