Tuesday, 11 September 2012


 A teezer for a few weeks work and what is to come on my film called WINGING IT


Laboratory Magazine is like putting your hands into a bottomless Top Hat of clues for life and presents.  I was given this intriguing and brave magazine by its founders Nigel Daly and Louise Salter.  An edition  called "Her"  is about peeling away to find the true depths of a  woman  without destroying the mystery, through art and writing. A very tricky balance. I love the work of Yassi Mazandi and Shary Boyle which are very feminine and pure. The work of artist Tina Mion works and my favourite is a painting of Jackie Kennedy with the King of Hearts placed in her mouth.
At the moment I am finishing my film about myself. The truth whilst keeping the same essence.  Women are complex, as all men will agree.  I am one thing one minute and could change completely the next. I am also getting bored with this idea, are we so different? Are we worthy of this amount of interest? Should we be so self absorbed, is it interesting at all? May be I have grown up, I hope not.  My diaries written a long time ago seem so distant to who I am today. However there is great depth and soul, and whilst my story is different it is no more special that another persons life. It is just a life with all its levels and mine is a lucky one. Touch Wood. I hate to be complacent or self satisfied.  I find happiness only in artistic pursuits and hard work.
I sat next door to one woman the other night who said "I can't believe I spent so much time looking for love, when of course it is to be found easily within ourselves" How could I not agree?  Another chanted back "Being in love is so common" I wish it wasn't true

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