Sunday, 16 September 2012

PHILLIP TREACY HAT SHOW TONIGHT THE FIRST IN TEN YEARS CONGRATULATIONS, with costumes from the late Michael Jackson. Lady Gaga covered in pink chiffon. The most incredible spectacle of London Fashion Week.

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Nothing will be able to beat the magnificence of this Phillip Treacy show, combined with Michael Jackson's costumes.
Phillip is extremely loyal and looked after all his friends in a wonderfully hospitable way, treating us all to front row seats in the packed Courts of Justice.  With a loyal following of celebrities like Kim Catrall, Zandra Rhodes, Lady Gaga toasting the show, Bryan Ferry, Chantal of Hanover you seriously cannot go wrong. With choirs, bells. lights the models stepped from behind with a bang.  It was an incredible evening and everybody loves him. There was beauty and panache, and Stefan his boyfriend has enormous charm.
Thank you.
Photographs of me in the front row of the Phillip Treacy show with my son Jack

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