Saturday, 1 September 2012

PETER MEDAK FINE ENTERTAINER, oh what delicious company

The best way to have fun is to give a small drinks party for real friends, like film directors Peter Medak and John Irving did last night. Down the only bohemian street left near Hyde Park, the apartment was lost in time.  I met so many interesting people in their drawing room, in a couple of hours, that I could happily have spent all night there. This is very rare, I usually leave after five minutes, but Peter is one of my most treasured friends and really knows how to entertain not grandly but well, and for me that is the best. 

I met Steven Berkoff,  who incidentally was far from angry. On the contrary he was oozing charm and he held my interest for at least one hour.  Standing in the corner of John Irving's kitchen, next to the scott eggs and ham laid out on the table. We talked about Salome my favourite play by Oscar Wilde, and also one of my favourite operas by Strauss. I was in heaven, At drama school we were encouraged to follow Mr Berkoff, a true thespian in my mind, and also of my RADA teacher. I  would have loved to have been taught by him, you feel he could be cruel enough, with his flashing blue eyes, that you may learn something.  He is my hero in theatre land and I approve of the way he does film to almost pay for treading the boards. A man worthy of more than a knighthood in my opinion.

Pierce Brosnan looked just as dashing in real life as in film. Sometimes you can get a shock.  These were  just two of the star filled room that Peter had met in Peter Jones and asked to drinks. That is the way it goes with him.

Then I chatted with my favourite new person David Korda and his charming hidden girlfriend. Well she says she is hidden, but not for long as she will be my new best friend.  A teacher and intellect she told me she approved of my blog and even told me how many top shop black dresses I had bought. Now that is a fan.  I will stay close to her. Ms Anonymous dressed in a simple black dress with tidy shoes, and she asked me if she was correctly dressed?. A little petite brunette who looked french.  How could I say anything but congratulate her on her fine attire, because that is the truth, what more could I want?

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