Friday, 28 September 2012


Despite being revolted about my 91 pairs of shoes discovered unused, I am still totally addicted to the world of fashion.  I am officially a hoarder.  I am constantly in the state of fear that there is about to be a war, and I am taken in by Tim Blank's and Hamish Bowles wonderful writing during the fashion shows, as indeed my 'eyes are bigger than my feet'. 

 I am constantly asking PR's nicely for tickets but by the time I get through, it is often too late and I am lucky to have a few make up artists and hairdressers who allow me to stand comfortably in the wings of great halls.  I am not a snob.  I do not need first row tickets, although I do feel good when I naturally get one, as I did from the Phillip Treacy show or indeed Jasper Conran's show.  I actually prefer exhibitions.  A natural lover of art I am happiest when some effort has been put into showing clothes in an interesting way.

 For example Rushka Bergman's brilliant show for Bebe or Edeline Lee's at the National Geographic, Tom Ford's too.  Michel Klein also has an interesting way of showing clothes which are done in his atelier paradise in St Germain. 
 I prefer this to the shoving, the heat, the standing in the freezing cold, treated like shit by big bouncers that loath fashion.  
Edeline Lee's wonderful clothes were inspired by the writers and artists of the Bloomsbury Group. Beautiful and structured, they are classically designed with a twist, this Canadian Girl should be watched.  The viewing was pleasant and we were able to take photographs as the girls performed.

PARIS                                 LANVIN

Lanvin was on the funway as usual. As usual his show was slick and wearable showing clothes that I want straight away. It is a pity I am on a diet from shopping. Black dresses in wearable sexy shapes showing bits of legs, arms, structured yet not. 

I loved Olivier Rouseing's clothes for Balmain influenced by Miami, Cuba and like Balenciega's Nicolas Ghesquiere these two houses are brilliant at keeping everything up to day.

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I have come to the big conclusion I like the comfort of small rooms for fashion, fuck the traffic.

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