Sunday, 2 September 2012


Has fashion lost its way? Sometimes for me, it has. There is a problem when you copy the worst of fashion (which I consider was from the 1980s): high waisted trousers, wide legs, cummerbunds, bin-liner materials, horrible clashing colours that clearly the designer believes to be cool – but come on. 

Take Balenciaga. When I think of this house, I think of Cecil Beaton and ballgowns. And before I criticise too much, "B" sell the best skirts on the planet. But tell me honestly, who wants an Alsatian on their back unless they are Rushka Bergman who can carry it off? Rushka - whose style no one can fault – looks terrific in this season's collection. But I when I put it on I looked terrible. Usually, I fall in love with Balenciaga a hundred times, but I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say, not this time. All I could find to buy was an A line skirt. I could say my bank manager will be happy.

Anyway, today I went for my usual shop-around and was horrified that I couldn't squeeze myself into a Victoria Beckham size 12 dress. (I am hardly huge, nor really overweight.) However, I did fit into her cheaper range which looked cute as button.  I loved it. So now have to lose the quarterly 8 pounds.

Luckily everything from Mui Mui looks adorable as long as I don't put all the diamante covered clothes on together. Chloe has a fabulous shirt with a white collar, so I got lucky.
There were some sexy shoes from Sergio Rossi, but quite frankly I have to be comfortable so I only wear YSL and Clergerie.

Otherwise, if you want to look completely mad this winter, wear everything from Prada – all the clashing geometric designs at once – just don't go on television as patterns screw up the pixels or whatever they are called. (Actually, last week I tried on a black and white jacket there which sent me cross eyed in two minutes.) 
Nonetheless, there was something about the look, and all the women were saying I should buy it. I did not! Remember, other women want you to look as bad as possible so you don't steal their husbands...

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