Sunday, 23 September 2012


What do you do when your son develops an "East End twang" sounding like Bill Sykes. He came into my room first thing in the morning, saying "I only like easy women, the last thing I need is a woman who lectures me on the culling of Tuna fish". All before ten this morning. He had been football training at 6am on a Sunday morning. in fact he trains every morning at that time and is determined to play well.  He showed me his muscles which were indeed rippling. He has a fresh unexpected wit. If I am lucky I hear him singing like Frank Sinatra.
I was taken to the Fresh Food fair on the South bank next to the National Theatre.  Full of delicious curries and cheeses, hamburgers and cheesecakes.  As it was pouring with rain, there was little else to do except write. So this afternoon I have been putting pen to paper in a ferocious way.
I was most disappointed not to find tickets for David Hare's play on Oscar Wilde, The Judas Kiss ,which I heard was brilliant from Sir Tim Rice on Friday night. The same night his play, Jesus Christ Superstar was opening at O2.  I went to see it on Broadway earlier this year.
I also realised that I wanted to see Anthony and Cleopatra starring Kim Catrall, at the Chichester Festival Theatre, so on the telephone I try to see what I could find.  It is a brilliant play about the thoughts and feelings of women, clever women. I met Kim at the weekend in Berlin arranged by Liberatum and she was intelligent, witty and earnest, a delightful combination, I then saw her earlier this week at Phillip Treacy's show. However, I have a feeling my son would not approve. 

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