Friday, 24 August 2012


Of course I love my reckless shopping habit, but as I have grown older I especially like things to fit well.  I no longer will go shopping on my slimmest and fattest days of the year. I also like to shop with men that love and like me.. More importantly like me, because never trust a man that you cannot fight with.  They just may tell you what you want to hear.  I also like to shop late at night. This sounds ridiculous but I have more energy at 8pm than at 10am.  Selfridges is incredible, not only does the personal shopping area look incredible, but Client Development/Personal Shopper's James Servini and my old friend Pandora Delevigne would never put me into a dress that I would only wear once.  They really think when they sort out clothes for me.  This is a miracle.  After all it is tricky to see the back of a dress.  Last night I fell in love with a black dress from Victoria Beckham's cheaper line, a plain black dress with sleeves and white cuffs and collar. This is my favourite look actually.  I love white collars and cuffs.  I then found a pretty chiffon shirt from Chloe with mini shorts that fit beautifully.  I have not changed much over thirty years but one thing is for sure I am neither dieting or squeezing myself into size 36 anymore.  The dieting I used to do was horrendous. It would require lots of lying around and not eating. If I go to the gym regularly it increases my appetite and so I eat like a pig. Yoga is the only thing that stops that. So Yoga with Justine Glenton in London and  walks are for me the best way forward.   Certain clothes I will never wear because the events that I would have to go to are not for me.. So I turned down a stunning Jill Saunders dress with a huge white collar and backless because I know I would put it on and take it off.  It looked great, but I must not be fooled.
I was also given as a present a wonderful cover for my Ipad by Delvaux, black with my initials engraved on it by the lovely James. So simple and so chic.  That is the sort of service you get on the floors at Selfridges.  I was also introduced to a new foundation by YSL "Le teint touche eclat" my skin looks smooth, younger and divine a true miracle.. Then there was a "Premier" botox cream that was able to remove wrinkles from my very wrinkly friend Tim Willis which is virtually impossible and he was thrilled. Tim was rather worried at first when the salesman did only half his face, so we had to promise that we would come back before he would do the other half.  I also promised a write up in my blog, so here I am, help the man out and buy this product. It actually works.

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