Saturday, 11 August 2012

BEST SMALL HOTEL, Castle in Montegridolfo

Roaming through Italy is a magical experience that any tourist must do.  To be a lover of everything Italian is perfectly easy.  In every village for a start there is a brilliant hairdresser, that already puts me into a great mood.  This time though I have probably found the best small hotel on the planet belonging to Alberta Ferretti whose fashion designs are known worldwide.  This stunning walled town has been beautifully renovated.  As my son Charles was singing, it has given me an opportunity to try out new places even if they are not for me. Rimini sadly is one such place that I will avoid. The photographs do not tell you the whole story.  It is the Blackpool of Italy without the fun.  A few months ago I went to Margate and I loved it. Fabulous sunsets and delicious Fish N Chips, on the sea front and I was in heaven so it does not take much to keep me happy.
Apparently with 60 percent of Italians staying at home this year, you will find bargains.
In any case I have just had an authentic medieval experience at the Castle in Montegridolfo. Not only did Charles's troup sing well from New York, as part of the Novafeltria Festival,  but I have had one of the best times in Italy ever. This hotel has magnificent views over the surrounding countryside with delicious food, simple decoration and comfortable beds.  To sleep inside the Castle was truly romantic, I just wish I had been able to share it with somebody that matched the surroundings.

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