Saturday, 18 August 2012


Gwen Stefani
Kelly Osbourne
My hair today reminds me of candy floss pinky creamy and delicious to eat. A concoction that I have to perfect each day. It is my true extravagance.  I blame my grandmother, a pianist who used to send me upstairs to brush it every few minutes.  It was in her opinion never groomed enough.  I used to get fairly irritated by her nagging but really all she wanted for me is to have a perfection. She used to compliment me on my then naturally streaky blonde hair which is now probably white.  When I first highlighted it she went mad.  Actually all my family went mad with me because I truly had a unique colour. Fair hair with chunky natural blonde streaks. The hairdressers of course never got the colour right. Low lights, I don't know exactly what they are because you get some hairdresser waffle but I gather they are a dingy ash colour or red. I would like chocolate brown, and I had them put in as extensions. I only like colours that are strong.  At the moment I am in love with my clean babt pink streaks, that are put in with extensions done in Los Angeles by Angela Kalinowski. If I was still 22 I would have feathers in my hair. It is Leo rising in me.  The vanity that I address. Although I do not want to look like a bomb supreme I love pale pink hair. I just love it.  Gwen Stefani looks great with it and Tarina Taritino. Tarina particularly looks daring and it makes her look quite extraordinary. Kelly Osbourne looks funky with blue and pink hair.

Zandra Rhodes
I remember admiring the colourful locks of Zandra Rhodes in the 1970's, Angie Bowie and Janet Street Porter. Women with strange faces really suit colour of varying shades of pink, I just love it. The other day I saw Tonya Crooks, thebrowgal, announce to world that she had had her favourite pink wig cut.  She looked adoreable and like a fairy queen. There is no way I can easily go back to my stunning natural hair, so wild, here I come.

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