Thursday, 2 August 2012


Sometimes greed and optimism is just that. I was dreading flying on Virgin Airways  back to London, after the sunshine and wonderful life I have in Los Angeles. However yesterday Heathrow was quickly navigated. With my five Rimowa black suitcases,(They are the best in the world), wearing my favourite groovy black leather Chanel Jacket, over my over loved Top Shop dress and some heart shaped sun glasses, I was quickly whisked into a town which is completely empty. Under an hour I was back in my house in Chelsea, settling into my bed for some necessary sleep.  All this deady talk of delays, and talk of riding bicycles has kept everybody away.  I have to tell you it is complete bliss. 
On another note I have worn the Top Shop dress more than any other this Summer.  Thanks to George Blodwell's suggestion and his horror, I may have bought ten of them.  He teases me everyday saying "I cannot believe you are wearing that dress again"  It has allure and practicality. The glamour of Audrey Hepburn combined with modern day comfort. He thinks I am wearing the same one. I own probably 1,000 black dresses, this is the one I like the most.

The Olympics was supposedly our financial godsend and  hope for economic recovery. With everybody away the shops and streets are empty. What a surprise the spin doctors, government and public relations all got it wrong again?.
It was interesting to read Brian Sewell's mean spirited witty comments on the Olympics. Of course it was completely over the top and Her Majesty The Queen joined in.  Her Majesty is having fun and living her Autumn years to the full,  she is always a good sport.. Was it a huge amount of money down the drain? I am not sure. With all the dreariness that "ordinary" can bring I would rather have the spectacle designed by Danny Boyle.  Much more ordinary in my opinion was the Jubilee Concert for the Queen, but my thoughts are just my thoughts..  A word of negativity is much more powerful. Positivity is so much more delicious, to be in the game, much more fun.  Perhaps Mr Sewell did not have the right seat and invitation?
In any case personally I like to be in the "Game" of life and can't wait to watch the Olympics as they happen.  NBC doesn't understand this in America.  I shall be editing my film which is about to have yet another name change. The mirrored wings of a butterfly I think.

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