Monday, 6 August 2012


I have one huge crush on a woman. I am not gay (well, I'm not sure, I've never tried) nor  do I care about actresses - I am much keener on a dishy film director or an intelligent musician. Marilyn Monroe would have been 86 today, and I'm glad she did not make old bones. If she did, we would now have to suffer seeing her with a zimmer frame or a wheelchair, completely gaga. 

Had she lived, she would probably would not be looking her best. There are some people who should just die young. (Maybe we all should?) Perhaps, as in the film In Life, we should have to buy for our life after the age of 25, rather than rattle around and look grotesque. In any case for me she is the woman I wish to emulate. 
Like her I have the same numerology – 25/7 – and like her I had a disastrous affair with a man with the same numerology as JF Kennedy.
Who could turn this wonderful goddess down? Who could refuse her? And who would want to kill her?
Any woman in the room could be accused of her murder. There must have been a tinge of jealousy everywhere. At the best of times, as I know to my own cost, a blonde free woman is dangerous, But this one, with her abilities, was a charmingly fragile terminator. She, like Princess Diana, will be forever young. There is a saying "Only the good die young"
Sometimes I'm a fan of Julie Burchill. But she has just written, for me, an horrendous tale of Marilyn's fake life, had she lived, on an annoying site called – a tale that was hardly believable, but I read it just the same. 
There was something so ordinary about this story of my heroine. Waking up with a man when you are old, just does not fill me with excitement – and to think of her stinky in a pink cardigan, with pearls and a grey hairnet, is not what I would like to imagine. 
Instead we have footage of her singing sexily Happy Birthday, Mr President and some wonderful films like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and my favourite, Some Like It Hot.  
After seeing her voluptuous body, slightly running to fat, still adorable, how can any man fancy anyone else?
The funny thing is, I didn't mind Gore Vidal in a wheel chair. But Mick Jagger? Oh no.. he wouldn't look good.
With dogs, you put them down when they get white whiskers and brittle legs. I used to spend hours as a child with brown hair dye trying to keep my whippet looking young. Perhaps Mick does the same?. 
No, Marilyn did the right thing. She fucked the President. Good for her.

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marie said...

I wrote a long comment, it was erased
Too lazy to do it again

Who wants to live as she did...? Screwed up and unhappy, not even able to act anymore... Loosing a child to be and husbands....
Which president would you like to fuck??? JFK was an easy catch so our French presidents ( I speak about the one I know...;-).
Who wants to feel old? Whatever age as long as you enjoy life...go
You still can rock Amanda....
Regarding Mick or Lou Reed who became boring in real life, they survived sex, drugs 'n rock... And are still pretty enjoyable on stage.
Plus when you face death, you still struggle for life... Fascinating
See you in ten years...