Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Isn't it sad that when you want to be grand in Britain you have to sound as if you have come from Peckham? Your vowel sounds  have to be retrained in the opposite direction.  Young girls have to look like slouchy street walkers, wearing just hot pants and boob tubes. They have piercings in their stomach and wonder why there is rape?.  (The girls in Peckham know that they have been raped when the cheque bounces) The boys look like they are carrying knives in their hoodies and dirty trainers, with their laces undone.

Personally I don't want to be like anybody else other than being very grand and I just like being me. At home my nickname is Queenie and I don't want to be someone else's version of Amanda. If I sound out of a 1940's newsreel, and I am fully clothed, I am pleased. I am glad I have "Received Pronunciation". The Queen's English, it was the standard that the BBC used to use, so that everybody could understand the language. 

Back to the subject, despite loving Victoria Beckham ,which I do. I admire her designing and creativity. Imagine for a second, applying for a job with her now? You are presented to Queen Victoria at Beckingham Palace. Nice round vowels simply won't do.  "You can't have the real thing 'ere, I have a man who will get you a nice piece of Gucci out the back of his car" sort of language. She is meant to be "Posh" spice as well, and I am sure it is all an act to fit in..

Your son gets into Eton College which is virtually impossible. He is nicely brought up, well turned out, and a huge fortune spent on him and your son says "Nooow, Maaam, 'ere muvva, whos the geezer?.  You can't understand what they are saying?.
If you are going to work in Great Britain at least "Tawk Inglish".
"Who do you fink you r?". It is political correctness gone crazy.

People who look and sound privileged are out of favour. They are worried what people think.  They have become "mockneys", and taught themselves to fit in. Why should you be penalised if you have more knowledge than someone else because you were dedicated to your studies?. Incidentally the upper classes did well in the Olympics, so let's have some pride, but in this modern world it seems it has become essential for you to be a chameleon. Not for me fitting in, but unless you wear a hoody and a peak hat, you can't  blag the moody paper for a mortgage. Forget Premium Bonds and knowing the Manager at the National Westminster Bank the natwest. It is now wonga.com and quickquid.com "I have got to have some wonga right now to buy some fags for a Pizza and some chicken nuggets". You have to sound like Alf Garnett or you are out, but at least Alf loved the Queen.
Everything has gone to the lowest common denominator, as Machiavelli implied it would, in his book, The Prince, standards set by people who only wish everything to be ordinary. Thank goodness everybody was thrilled by the Olympics, so that winning and excellence becomes once again more interesting. 
On another note, I was not brought up to believe that the world owed me a living or that I could cash in on freebees. In fact I was not interested in being that sort of person.  I also did not come from a family who had lashings of wealth, my mother was an opera singer who taught in local schools and she was given ten pounds a week from my grandparents.  She miraculously turned it into elastic. My hat is off to her. She also screamed at me for not ending sentences correctly, and not standing  up when she entered the room. With her last savings she sent me to a finishing school, called Winkfield Place, believing that there I would learn to be a "young lady".  I never asked her for anything and I worked until I got married. I still work.

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