Wednesday, 1 August 2012



With Gore Vidal sadly dying, the use of wonderful language could die too.  He was a man with razor wit, a clear intellectual brain, and a raconteur that few will ever be able to compete with. I met him in his beautiful house in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast probably twenty three years ago, with my wonderful deceased friend, and Valentino model, Luciana, Princess Pignatelli. Luciana was like a mother to me. Gore and his boyfriend entertained us with stories of  the Kennedy's, Elizabeth Taylor and her diamonds, world news feeding us with delicious home cooked spaghetti in his kitchen.  I saw him many times, his stories and wicked sense of humour never failed him. He would quite happily tell someone they bored him, and he was able to praise them too.
On another note this morning I was talking to my lovely pal Julia Laverne and we both agreed that most people believe that loneliness can be stopped by other people.  Having a man to makes them happy and more clothes make them feel better. Let's be clear, clothes just fill your cupboards and the men need feeding. I desire a man to nourish me emotionally, and it would be good for me to have a little ego trip too.  I quite like grateful men, but this is usually only enticed after vast expense. Honeymoon periods usually come after a huge bust ups. It matters who the men are to me.  I especially do not need a man who is not willing to kiss and cuddle man, unless I have a certificate saying I am healthy.  N'or do I need a man who makes me feel I am not good enough,  using the Gaslight technique, and who has a general mistrust for the human race. Gaslight technique I learnt from the writer Sean Borg today.

I am not prepared for flim flam or a man who says he knows people who don't seem to know him.
The kind of woman men usually want are found only in small tribes in undiscovered land masses.
No matter how Far East they go, they will end up back where they started.
On another note...
When people tell lie, they have to tell more lies.  What did you do at Universal paint scenery?.  "I thought you had a speaking part at Universal not a speaking part on a tour bus".
Learn the Language of America...
"Have a nice day" means  "Come back soon and tell me how much money you have made"
"How are you?" means "How much money you have made this week"

Yesterday I entertained here at the Chateau Marmont.  The lovelies Ronnie Sassoon Lisa Zane with Heather Kerzner. She made an entrance with the pretty and voluptuous Monica Lewenski. I own a pair of sculptures by Kenny Hunter of her and Bin Laden.  
 My bodyguard Edward Bennett Coles and reporter Sean Borg were the men at the table. I was happy to meet her, a woman who survived being the most talked about person in the US. How France must have laughed at the ridiculous story which is in my opinion a private affair between two people.  A waste of public resources. Last night was rounded off with the charming and attractive Michael Wincott.

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